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Ettore Guatelli’s opus is not only the museum. Although he dedicated most of his life to collecting and arranging the objects, the originality of his exploit is not just expressed in having recovered and staged thousands of items. It is evident also in his ability to reflect on his museography, on the changing world of farmers and on the stories of people’s life, of which the schoolteacher from Ozzano left us a large trail through his writings during his whole life.

…Guatelli used to do things rather different that idolizing a lost peasant world: he interpreted the composite heritage of local people, those still living, their fathers, uncles, grandparents. He interpreted their technical smarts and their relationship with modernization. He described technologies that overtake one another, reuse of materials in everyday life, reflected on the very purpose of tools and the objects…” (P. Clemente, Il Bosco delle Cose


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Pictures by Mauro Davoli, Paolo Candelari  -  Texts by Mario Turci, Pietro Clemente, Jessica Anelli, Francesca Fornaciari
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